Welcome aboard!

Hello everyone!!  Welcome to Brewers Banter!  Doing a blog like this has been something I’ve talked about for a long time.  Well, I finally took the chance, so lets see how it works.  I hope that you find this sight enjoyable, as well as useful.  While I do not have all the time in the world, I will make an effort to make this a site that you can rely on for all your Brewers news.  I plan to try and recap every game during the season (wish me luck), as well as posting in-game comments when possible.  Please feel free to offer me any suggestions you might have, or anything that you would like to see added or subtracted from this site.  Please give me some time to get this thing up and running, just as I’ve envisioned it.  I hope to have a good amount done by opening day.  GO BREWERS!!


One response to “Welcome aboard!

  1. Nice job Paul. The layout looks spectacular and that picture of you and MAIN MAN captures what this BLOG is all about. THE FANS.
    Looking foreward to the start of season.

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