Rotation Set?

So our loyal leader Mr. Macha won’t put a stamp on it, but it seams pretty set in stone that the Brewers will open the season with a rotation of Suppan, Gallardo, Parra, Looper (assuming he’s healthy) and Bush.  While I agree with the masses that there is no need to get caught up in a rotation alignment, because after the first series of the year it is rare when your club’s #1 matches up with the other club’s #1 and so on and so on, it is still something fun to discuss.  So, this would set up a Suppan v. Lincecum opening day in San Francisco (I don’t see how anyone can like that matchup) and a probable Looper v. Liily matchup for the Miller Park opening day on April 10th againest the Cubs (boo, hiss).

For those of you who haven’t been following closely, Macha has made it clear that he does not want to put extra pressure on Gallardo by giving him the #1 tag.  While I guess I understand this (??), I don’t agree with it.  Yovani is an ace, he’s our ace, let him be the ace.  It’s not really worth talking about, but for the sake of argument, how magical could a Gallardo v. Lincecum matchup be on opening day?

My only other thought on this, is that I would like to see Bush higher up.  However, if Suppan is the so called #1, where else can you place Bush?  Reason being, with Parra being are only lefty, he seems like a perfect fit in the middle of the rotation.

So what are your thoughts?


2 responses to “Rotation Set?

  1. I’m okay with Soup Can as the number 1 to start. He typically pitches well early in the season while Bush has tended to get off to slower starts. I think we all agree Soup Can is far from an ace (possibly our 5th best starter), but he will usually keep you in the ball game. Either way I think we are going to be very dependent on the offense…especially in April and May.

  2. I’m worried about Yovani having the #1 start at this time. Maybe he’s just nervous about the upcoming season, but he sure lit up the score the other day vs. the Rockies. Hopefully, he’ll settle down and show us again what he’s capable of doing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Go Brewers!

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