Miscellaneous updates and thoughts

The Ryan Braun Saga:  So Ryan Braun is scheduled to play in a minor league game tonight.  There are two ways to look at this.  One, it is a good thing beacuse he is going to be able to get his swings in multiple at-bats after not getting consistent at-bats for awhile.  This way he can test his right side and hopefully get in a groove.  Or two, the injury is a definite DL possibility and the Brewers are sending him to a minor league game so that it doesn’t affect his DL status.  Minor league games don’t count when placing someone retroactively on the DL, so if Braun has to start the season on the DL this will help limit the amount of games he misses.  You decide.

Roster update: From what I have read, I am very worried that Macha and the Mustache are really going to keep Gwynn and Lamb over Duffy and McGehee on the opening day roster.  Reason being: Gwynn and Lamb are out of options, while McGehee has one option left and since Duffy signed a minor league contract the Brewers can outright send him to the minors.  On the flip side they would probably lose Gwynn and Lamb to other clubs.  Their reason seems to be keeping “quality depth in the organization.”  While I understand this, I think it is unfair to us- the fans.  We deserve to see the Brewers field the best ballclub they can.  Also, I feel the Brewers should still be in a “win now” attitude.  What does that say if they keep Gwynn and Lamb instead of Duffy and McGehee?  We’ll have to wait another week for the final decision, but I don’t like what I hear.

Peavy rumors: I’m only mentioning this because I did in my last post.  It seems that there is absolutely nothing going on on the Peavy trade front which is fine by me.  If something changes midseason we can readdress it then.

Till next time.


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