McGehee in, Lamb chopped!

In my mind the Brewers made the right move today by placing Mike Lamb on waivers and keeping Casey McGehee on the roster.  The move is interesting though because if Counsell does have sugery we will need another infielder on the opening day roster.  Nonetheless, it is highly unlikely that Lamb will go to AAA Huntsville.  The comments of his that I have read make it appear that he is pretty ticked.  I’m totally fine if Lamb is gone for good.  He is 33, has never really caught on anywhere he has been for more than a few years and if the Twins (who are a small market club like us) were willing to let him go last year and eat the rest of his multi-year contract, face it, he’s not very good.  Additionally, on a pesonal level I’ve just really never liked him as a ball player.

So, one decision down, one to go.  Will it be Duffy, Nelson, or Gwynn that gets the boot (Duffy would be optioned to AAA, Gwynn and Nelson would be put on waivers because they are out of options)?  My crystal ball says look for a trade involving Tony Gwynn jr.  We shall wait and see.


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