Gwynn on the move, or just out? Duffy and Nelson in

Tony Gwynn Jr. was out of the lineup today in the final spring training game before the Crew heads to LA for some exhibition games with the Dodgers.  If he were really competing for a roster spot he would have been playing, no doubt.  This leads one to believe that a trade is either in the works, or Gwynn  Jr. will be put on waivers.  Either way, the Gwynn Jr. days in Mil Town appear over.  It just never worked out for TGJ for whatever reason.  When he has had opportunities during the last few years (Mike Cameron suspension last year and Gabe Kapler leaving this year) he has been plagued by injuries.  Macha has repeated several times this spring…to be a big league ball player you have to be readily available, i.e not injury prone.

This means that Duffy and Nelson are in.  This is what I was hoping for.  Let’s see what they can do.  Look for Nelson to spell Prince at 1st when he needs a day off.  5 days until opening day!! I’m pumped!! Go Crew!!


One response to “Gwynn on the move, or just out? Duffy and Nelson in

  1. It’s April 3rd and your thoughts were right on. Gwynn, Jr. is history for now. Let’s hope all goes well for the crew. Things are falling into place so it seems. I’m with you. Go Brewers!

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