Looking into the early schedule……..

Less than two days until the Brewers open the season!  Looking at the first month of the schedule, here is what I foresee.  Unfortunately, I don’t feel like the schedule makers did the Brewers any favors in the early going.  The Brewers open up in San Francisco.  While the Giants lineup won’t scare anyone, their pitching staff is among the best in baseball.  The Giants starting rotation is so deep that they are actually considering a 6 man rotation.  Facing Lincecum, Johnson and Cain to open the season will be tough on the Brewers.

The Crew then comes home to take on that team we all love so much from about 90 miles south of Milwaukee.  As much as it hurts to admit, the Cubs are good and their pitching staff, like San Francisco’s, is possibly the best in baseball.  We’ll probably face Zambrano somewhere in the opening homestand.  Gallardo and Parra also won’t pitch against the Cubs because of how the schedule falls.  None of this helps the Crew, but you have to think that they will be fired up for the home opener and, of course, it doesn’t take much to get fired up about playing the Cubs either.

Next the Crew welcomes in the Reds.  The Reds are a lot of people’s dark horse pick this year.  They, too, have a talented pitching staff (starting to sound like a broken record).  They also have a lot of good, young position players.  The Crew will have Gallardo and Parra going in this series, so that will help.

It doesn’t get any easier as the Brewers then hit the road for New York and the World Series champ Phillies.  I think that’s all that need to be said.  It will be a grueling trip.

Finally, at the end of the month the Crew gets what would appear to be a break as they  go to Houston and then welcome in the Pirates.

What’s my hope?  Let’s just stay above water at 12-9, or 11-10, figure out the roles for all bullpen pitchers, get Trevor healthy and have Ricky Weeks realize his potential (not holding my breath on that last one).

Alright it’s almost here!  Remember to check back for game previws once the season begins.  Go Crew!!


One response to “Looking into the early schedule……..

  1. Nice overall review! While the Brewer do lack the pitching experience, they do have the bats to off set that. Now the question–will they show up ?
    Last year they had great success against SF
    and was equally strong against the CUBS.
    What hurt us in most of those games what
    our [So called] bull pen. I think that’s the key for the Brewers to get that quick start in the MLC.

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