Cubs (2-1) v. Brewers (1-2)

Well, that sucked.  The wheels fell off for Manny Parra in the 4th and carried over to the 5th.  The offense managed 5 hits.  Daivd Riske may never be the same again after his elbow surgery (don’t believe me? Look at his spring numbers).  That was a series that the Crew had to win….and they didn’t.  That said, there are still 159 game to go.  Let’s stay positive and just start playing more competitive games.  On to the home opener.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get much easier as the Brewers face Rich Harden today.  I can’t believe those freakin’ north siders didn’t pitch Harden in the opening series.  He is clearly their 2nd best pitcher and if he could ever have a season without an injury, has CY Young stuff.  It is my opinion that Cubs are just trying to stick it to us from the get go.  So………….it’s our job to show ’em that when you mess with the bull, you get the horns!  The offense has to wake up.  Like Linceum and Cain, Harden throws hard which doesn’t bode welll for a high strikeout team like the Brewers.  Let’s see what happens.  On our end, it’s the start of the Braden Looper era in Milwaukee.  I’m not sure he got enough work in spring training; hopefully, he proves me wrong.  I really, really, hope this ends up being a good signing for the Brewers.  His numbers against the Cubs in the past have been really good.  Hopefully, he gets off to a good start and continues to role.

To all of you going, have a great time. I wish I could be there with you!  Lets beat those Cubs and make an early statement of our own!  Go Brewers!


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