Cubs (2-2) v. Brewers (2-2)

Look at this freakin' guy!

Look at this freakin' guy!

Lets start with the positives:

-What a great come from behind win!  We needed this big time.  Hopefully the walk of fielders choice (that just sounds funny) will get the bats going.

– Big walk drawn by Duffy, an even bigger hit by Weeks and great base running by Weeks on the Braun grounder.  Weeks was running hard from the crack of the bat and made a great slide.

– Clearly Braden Looper did not yet have his best stuff.  Yet he was able to go 5 good innings and give up only 1 run.  He threw a lot of pitches, but still was able to get out of a few jams. Most importantly, he kept the Brewers in the game and gave them a chance to win.

– In his second outing out of the pen, villy was filthy again.  Going 1-2-3 for the 2nd straight time.  He has not allowed a base runner and has struck out 3 of the 6 batters he has faced.

Now to the negatives:

– Out of all the great players in the Cubs lineup, we almost got beat buy Koyie Hill.  Unbelievable.

– Isn’t it amazing how many times we strike out on just 3 pitches?

– Bill Hall is not the poster child for LASIK.  He looks horrible at the plate.

– Until the 9th, it was very frustrating that we could not get the big hit we needed.  I guess we still didn’t get the big hit since Braun’s was a fielders choice.

Here is your preview:

I am really sounding like a broken record, but it does not get any easier for the Crew.  They will face “Big Z” Carlos Zambrano.  I dislike this guy more than ketchup.  For those of you who don’t know me, I HATE ketchup.  Again, Zambrano is a hard thrower, bad for a high strikeout team like the Crew.  Zambrano seems to either dominate the Brewers or get roughed up early.  Lets hope for the lather.  Don’t forget, Zambrano can also swing the bat.  For the Crew, it’s Dave Bush getting his first start of the year.  Yes, he came out of the pen on opening day in San Francisco, but just forget about that.  Bush is all about control and throwing his nasty “slurve.”  His history is cruise for 4-5 innings and then have a crooked number put up on him.  But, he is coming off a great end of the year, a great playoff victory and a good spring.  I think he is ready.

Lets really get thos bats going now and see what we can do.  Beat those baby bears!  Go Crew!


2 responses to “Cubs (2-2) v. Brewers (2-2)

  1. We got out pitched. We got out hit. We did not get out coached. Pinella had Soriano playing the field in the 9th with Reed Johnson on the pine and made a defensive positioning error with Braun at the plate. Sometimes you have the opportunity to steal a game and thats exactly what we did. I can’t think of a better time for it to happen than for the home opener against the hated Cubs!……. GO CREW!

  2. Great exciting game. Here’s hoping the magic continues. Love Weeks’ enthusiasm.

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