Reds (4-3) v. Brewers (2-6)

The good news is that Manny Parra had a good outing.  Yes he walked some batters and yes he gave up a home run to a player that was batting under .100 and has no business hitting home runs.  Overall though, he threw 6 innings and gave up 3 runs. He gave the Brewers a chance to win.  That is an outing I will take.  If you disagree, let me remind you that in 2 starts, Suppan has given up 11 runs in 7 2/3 innings.  Our offense was again putrid, managing only 5 hits and going 1-7 with runners in scoring position (keep in mind that the 1 hit didn’t even score a run).  You’re not going to win many games only scoring one run. It’s as simple as that.  So…… has gotten ugly early.  Plenty of games left, but this don’t look so good.  On that note, if you can stomach it, here is your game preview:

The Reds will send Micah Owings out on the bump for the series finale looking for the sweep.  It will be Owings first start of the year, after his first scheduled start was rained out.  This is his first year as a Red.  He spent his first 2 years with the Diamondbacks putting up less than impressive numbers.  One can argue that he is actually a better hitter than a pitcher. (.322 career Avg. in 118 AB with 5 HR).  The Crew needs to do some damage off this guy.  Braden Looper makes his 2nd start for the Brewers.  He managed well against the Cubs, so hopefully he can do the same and go deeper into the game.  Watch his pitch count.  It was awfully high against the Cubs, which is the reason he only pitched 5 innings.

Look, the New York/Philadelphia road trip isn’t looking pretty.  We really, really, can’t afford to get  swept by the Reds AT HOME! Please, I beg you.  Just win.


One response to “Reds (4-3) v. Brewers (2-6)

  1. I’m bummed! C. C., where are you? How could you let money talk you away from a great town, a beautiful ballpark , and loyal fans? NYC certainly is no closer to your hometown on the West coast. Sure hope you think the Yanks and George are worth it.

    Enough of my rantings and ravings. May the baseball gods please offer up a win for us this evening. The players and fans deserve a morale boost. Go Crew!

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