Off day thoughts……

Thankfully, the Brewers will leave for their 9 game road trip on a good note.  Braden Looper became our first pitcher to put together back-to-back good starts. I loved that he came out and set a good tone by going 1-2-3 in the first and second inning.  He then induced double play balls with his good sinker ball to get out of the 3rd and 4th inning.  Same as Manny Parra the day before, 6 innings, 3 runs.  I’ll take that from my starting pitcher.  The offense got to Owings (and the Reds bullpen) as they should have.  Cameron had the big 3 hit games including 2 HR’s.  Hopefully they can keep this going on the road trip.  Here is the lineup for the 9 game road trip:

New York: Bush, Gallardo, Suppan

Philly: Parra, Looper, Bush

Houston: Gallardo, Suppan, Parra

For those of you who don’t know, Macha decided to push back Suppan’s start by a day.  In my opinion, don’t read into all the bullsh** reasons they are giving.  On Saturday the Mets are sending out Santana, as in John Santana.  Suppan v. Santana is a definite loss.  With Gallardo, the Crew has a chance.  My opinion is Macha is doing this so that if the Crew loses the opener on Friday, they have a chance on Saturday instead of a guaranteed loss and starting the roadtrip 0-2.  Regardless, I think we all believe it doesn’t matter how far Suppan’s next start was pushed back.  Whenever it takes place, it’s bound to be ugly.

Enjoy the off day.  If you have the MLB package like I do and you are looking for a good game, my suggestions would be Toronto v. Minnesota (Halladay v. Liriano), or Cleveland v. New York (Lee v. Sabathia).

Talk to you tomorrow.


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