Brewers (4-8) v. Phillies (5-6)

Today the Brewers begin the second series of their three city road trip.  The defending champion Phillies are off to a rough start, similar to that of the Crew.  While the Crew has been troubled by pitching some games and then hitting the next, for the Phillies pitching has clearly been the problem.  Their staff ERA ranks the worst in MLB.  The ballpark in Philadelphia is a joke.  I could probably hit a home run in that park.  Ok, not really, but you catch my drift.  I really hope that we can get the bats going.  It’s a must eventually and there is no better time then the present.  I also love the fact that Manny Parra is going in the opener.  The Phillies best hitters, Rollins, Utley, Ibanez, Victorino and Howard all bat left handed, at least primarily if they are switch hitters.  I am really looking for Manny to set the table for the series.  He needs to get off to a good start and let the offense take it form there.  Looper and Bush will follow on Wednesday and Thursday, so I like our chances for our first series win of the year if Parra can get it done tonight.  Here’s the preview:

Because of the rainout for the Phillies yesterday, they will start Jamie Moyer today and push Joe Blanton back to tomorrow.  I think this could be really good for the Brewers.  Moyer is 92 years old and throws a fastball of 64 mph.  Ok, these are obviously exaggerated numbers, but you get the point.  He is old and throws soft.  Neither of Moyer’s starts have been good this year, so hopefully this continues.  The Crew just needs to sit back, be patient and punish the ball.  As mentioned above, Manny Parra takes the bump for the Crew.  Manny pitched much better his second time out, just making one mistake.  He took the tough luck loss, getting no offensive support.  After being so pessimistic on Sunday and the Brewers coming through with a win, I was thinking of doing the same again.  However, I just really have a good feeling about tonight.  If I jinx it, I’m sorry.  Go Crew!


2 responses to “Brewers (4-8) v. Phillies (5-6)

  1. Can I get some relief pitchers that have some legitimate major league stuff?! I mean Jorge Julio is worthless. R.J. Swindle is lobbing 65 mph floaters to the plate. David Riske is an injury prone, overpaid goon. Villanueva has lost two games. Stetter and McClung are always an adventure and Hoffman has not seen the field. The only guys I can give props to are Coffey and DeFelice. What is most telling to me is only 3 guys in our bullpen have an ERA under 4! Look at the starters! One guy with an ERA under 4! Looper! This an absolutely pathetic pitching staff! Pathetic! Melvin takes the fall on this. I will also quickly note that Kendall needs to take a seat so Rivera can play everyday. This is fricking torture! Why do Wisconsin sports suck so much?????

  2. I don’t think you jixned them last night.
    They just plain sucked. Manny couldn’t throw to
    save his life–walks will always kill you—and when he did–the pitch was located in the hitters zone !!! It’s not looking pretty and if Ricky goes on the DL ????? At least Braun snapped out of
    his hitting slump. That’s some good new !

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