Brewers (4-9) v. Phillies (6-6)

Milwaukee……….we have a problem.  Alright, hang on cause here we go.  Right now, the Brewers are a bad, bad, bad, baseball team and I think all of us would agree that I am being king.  Now, this doesn’t mean they can’t get better, but that is hard to imagine seeing what they are currently doing on a nightly basis.  I am only 29, but I have never seen so many walks in my freakin life!  This is beyond words!!  9  more freakin walks last night!! If I’m Bill Castro this is what I do.  I gather all my pitchers in a room, close the door, stand in front of them and scream as loud as I can “STOP WALKING PEOPLE!!!”  I then turn and walk out.  I am so sick of this crap!  The pitching staff is just a mess, plain and simple.  However, let us not put it all on the pitching staff.  The offense is putrid.  Philadelphia is a hitters park and Jamie Moyer is 92 years old.  Outside of Braun, we did nothing off of him.  For the game Braun was 5-5 with 2HR and all 4 of the team RBI.  The rest off the team was 6-31.  We continue to be unable to get the clutch hits.  The 3rd inning was a killer for me.  With two out, Braun singles and Fielder then gets hit by a pitch.  For some reason unbeknown to God, JJ freakin Hardy swings at the first pitch from Moyer, rolls over it and sends a weak ground ball to the SS.  Now, JJ is worth crap so far this year, but this sums up the entire team offense.  I feel like I could go on for another 1,000 words, so I’ll stop here.  By the way, I realize I jinxed them yesterday, sorry.  Here is the game preview:

Joe Blanton pitches for the Phillies tonight.  After coming over form the A’s at the trade deadline last year, he pitched really well.  Blanton dominated the Brewers in game 4 of the NLDS last year at Miller Park.  So far this year though, Blanton is off to a rough start.  In 2 starts, he has only gone 10 innings, giving up 17 hits and has an ERA of 9.00.  You would think this bodes well for the Crew, but remember we suck.  Most likely our best pitcher to date, Braden Looper goes for the Crew tonight.  Let’s hope he can keep this up.  It would be great to see Looper go deep, because frankly anytime that bullpen door opens, I soil my boxers (unless it’s Coffey of course).  So we’ll see what happens.  I’m staying postitive, but this is getting tough.  Go Brewers!!


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