Riske could be done for the year

It was announced that David Riske may need season ending “Tommy John” surgery.  Riske is opting to try a three week rehab program first to try and avoid the sugery.  While it is not the exact same situation, it is quite similar to Chris Capuano of last year.  Cappy tried rehab to avoid the surgery and all that ended up doing was delaying the it.  Riske has looked so horrible, he might as well go ahead and have the surgery.  If this happens though, this has been one bad signing by Doug Melvin.  Riske signed a 3 year back-loaded contract last offseason for 3 years, $13 million.  Riske showed a little something at the beginning of last year, but then started feeling the effects of his elbow and was unreliable, ultimately being shut down early.  Now he could miss this entire year and then the final year of his contract, be coming off “Tommy John” surgery, which usually takes closer to 2 full years before you are back to full strength.  Signing relievers to multi-year deals is always “Riske” (pun-intended) because they are so up and down year-to-year.  This signing looks like it is destined to be a flop.


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