Brewers (8-9) v. Astros (6-12)

Well that was one crazy game!  Tons of ups and downs.  In the end, the Brewers found a way to win their 4th consecutive game.  It would take way too long to recap, so here are some highs and lows starting with the offense:

– Ryan Braun continues to be not from this planet.  He finished this game 4-6 with the game-winning RBI, which brings his average up to .359 and his OBP to .468. Wow.

– Hopefully Prince Fielder has really turned the corner.  He hit 2 home runs yesterday, including what should have been the game winner in the top of the 9th.  Eventhough he has struggled in the early going, Fielder does have 14 RBI in the first 17 games this year.

– Bill Hall did make a huge error in the 9th that should have been the final out in the game, but I’m choosing to let it slide.  Here is why:

  • Hall has been playing amazing defense all year.  He has been a regular “web gem.”
  • Hall hit a huge two out 3-run HR in the 6th inning to tie the game when it looked like the Crew was doing nothing offensively
  • Most importantly, in the end the Crew still won the game

– Suppan was not disastrous, but not good.  He gave up as many runs as he did hits.  This obviously means that again, he waked a lot of people (4). Yes, Weeks committed the error that extending the inning, but Suppan compounded it.  He walked Rodriguez after being ahead 0-2 and then gave up and RBI single to the opposing pitcher.  That is a no-no.  His ERA after 4 starts is now 7.32.  If you want a positive, Suppan surprisingly struck out 6.

– Walks, Walks and more Walks.  This is just getting painful.  The pitching unit as a whole walked 8 betters yesterday and had 1 hit-by-pitch.  This must stop.

– Please tell me we don’t have to start worrying about Todd Coffey now and Villanueva still can’t get it dialed in.

– Mike DiFelice has been overlooked a bit.  He has been great.  9 1/3 IP, 6H, 3BB, 11K, .096 ERA. Opposing teams are batting .182 against him.

Today the Crew goes for their 5th win in a row and their first sweep of the year.  Manny Parra take s the hill for the Brewers.  We really need Manny to get on track.  He has had a rough 2009 so far.  Only one of his three starts can be categorized as good.  As always, control has been his issue.  Nobody doubts that he has the tools, he just has to harness them.  No better time then the present.  Russ Ortiz goes for the Astros.  Honestly, I didn’t know Ortiz was still in the league.  Ortiz used to be a stud……used to be. He has bounced around the league and struggled for the past several years.  It has been more of the same this year.  Ortiz has not lasted longer then 5 innings this year and has an ERA of 5.93.  Let’s hope this continues.

Let’s keep this winning streak going and collect our first sweep of the year!  Go Brewers!


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