Diamondbacks (9-12) v. Brewers (11-10)

Back above .500!  Now let’s stay there!  Well, today’s game summary can be summed up in a simple two-letter term:  Yo.  I think the game summary is as simple as this; 8IP, 2H, 1BB, 11K, 1-3 HR.  For those who can’t catch on, these are Yo’s numbers for the game.  Simply great!  Yovani has now single handily won two games this year; today and the second game of the season in San Francisco when he homered off of Randy Johnson.  Yo is the man!!  One other note.  It was great to see Villy come in and close the door in the 9th, 1-2-3.  We need Carlos to get back on track.

The Brewers now open a 4 game series against the Diamondbacks.  Game 1 will be Max Scherzer against our $12.5 million dollar man.  I am really excited to get a look at Max Scherzer.  While his numbers so far this year aren’t very good (0-2, 4.91 ERA, 3 starts), he is a big time prospect with excellent stuff.  This will only be his 11th career start.  Scherzer is a total “power” pitcher.  He throws heat, so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of K’s from the Crew.  By now we all know what we get with Suppan.  I think you just keep your fingers crossed and hope that our offense can out score their offense.  Unfortunately, Yovani can only pitch once every 5 days.

Alright, let’s strecth this wining streak to 4 and get the bats back on track!  Go Brewers!!


One response to “Diamondbacks (9-12) v. Brewers (11-10)

  1. Big series ahead is a understatement! If the CREW can [BY CHANCE] take 3 of 4] fr0m
    the RATTLERS ,the CENTRAL race is once again wide open. Let’s keep MILLER PARK
    hopping. GO CREW !!!

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