Diamondbacks (9-13) v. Brewers (12-10)

I don’t know about you, but I was glad to see Max Scherzer’s pitch count keep rising, forcing him to exit the game after the 6th.  Obviously, it didn’t take long for the Crew to get to the Diamondbacks bullpen after that.  Just for the record Rickie and Cam continue to rake, especially Cam, generating 6 of the 8 hits the team had in the game.  Where was this last year from Mike?  Anyway, you got to give credit when credit is due, Suppan did pitch quite well.  After the leadoff home run to Lopez (does anyone give up more 1st inning runs then Soup?), he only allowed 6 more bases runners, none of those walks.  Soup also went 6+ innings for the 3rd straight time, which is important for the bullpen.  Speaking of the bullpen, it was again solid with DiFelice, Coffey and Hoffman getting the job done (2 2/3 IP, 1 H, 2K).  Here is your game preview as the Brewers try to keep this thing going:

Jon Garland takes the hill for the Diamondback in game 2 of the series.  Garland’s ERA isn’t that good (5.47), but that is basically because of one bad outing.  His other 3 have been been good, so his record is 2-1. Garland is not a strikeout pitcher.  He only has 9 K in 24 2/3 innings pitched.  Garland pitches to contact and gives up a lot of hits.   Hopefully this gets the Brewers bats going again.  It’s Manny Parra’s turn for the Crew.  Saying he is in need of a good outing is probably an understatement.  Parra has 2 career starts against the Diamondbacks and his numbers are very, very good (13 IP, 8 H, 12 K, .069 ERA).  Once again, hopefully this carries over.

The Crew has won 8 out of 9 and 4 in a row!  Let’s keep it going!  Go Brewers!


One response to “Diamondbacks (9-13) v. Brewers (12-10)

  1. If you watched the game the CREW have their
    opportunities to score against Scherzer but failed. Too many “K”. Suppan had his best outing
    to date and his control was great. Let’s not wait
    for the bull pen tonight—Go CREW.
    Signing off for the week ” Gone fishing”

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