Brewers (13-12) v. Pirates (12-12)

Yesterday’s game was almost a morale killer…..almost.  Thankfully the Crew continued to get to the Diamondbacks bullpen.  I was just amazed at how Dave Bush could pitch 6 shutout innings only allowing 2 hits and then somehow manage to give up 3 solo homers in one inning, including one to the backup catcher batting 8th to dead center.  I guess that’s baseball.  Things change quickly.  Luckily, JJ somehow came up with a hit, the D-backs continued to walk Prince, Cam continued his amazing start to the year and Duffy came through with an RBI groundout to give the Brewers the lead.  Trevor (who has looked really sharp since coming off the DL) closed the door in the 9th, going 1-2-3 on 8 pitches with 2 K’s.  It still bothers me that the offense hasn’t really got going.  Petit is a pitcher that the Brewers should have crushed, but besides the 2 solo homers they just couldn’t do it.  I thought by now we would have seen multiple 10 run games in the books for the Crew, but it just hasn’t happened.  This is something that I still think will come as the season progresses.  Eventually all the bats will heat up.  As a team, the Brewers are too talented offensively for this not to happen.

Just a few other random thoughts and a game preview for today:

–          Isn’t it amazing how many hard outs Rickie Weeks makes?  I have always thought this even in past years when he was hitting .220 the entire season.  Weeks just hammers the ball and it seems to go right at a defender or the defender makes a great play.  Let me know if you disagree.

–          JJ Hardy and Brad Nelson were the hottest hitters in spring training.  It is crazy how bad they look at the plate 25 games into the year.  JJ is just coming of a 2-day “mental break” given to him by Macha and is batting just .160 for the year.  Nelson is 0-18, with 8 K and has an OBP of .053 in limited action.  For the most part Nelson hasn’t even hit the ball hard.  Spring training is what it is, but this is why management doesn’t always put much stock in spring training numbers.

It looks like we may be lucky to get this one in today, because the weather in Pittsburgh doesn’t look good.  This is extra disappointing; because anytime Yovani is scheduled to pitch I want to see the game!  There is not much else that needs to be said about Yo.  We all know how dominant he has been this year and what his past few outings have produced.  Paul Maholm goes in game one for the Bucs.  Maholm had been spectacular this year until his last start against the Brewers.  The Crew got 5 runs off of him in 5 1/3 innings.  Maholm uncharacteristically walked 5 in that outing as well.  Hopefully the Crew has this guy figured out and we can get to him again.  So, let’s hope the weather clears up and the Brewers can get this short 4 game road trip off to a good start.  Go Brewers!!


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