Brewers (14-12) v. Pirates (12-13)

That was one crazy game last night. I must admit that I was all prepared to begin writing this post and just rip into the Brewers offense. Then like clockwork, they get the opposing starter to leave the game, the opposing bullpen arrives and so does our offense. Amazing. This was a game that we should not have won, but of course we’ll take it! The offense did nothing for 7 2/3 innings, the Crew had 1st and 3rd with no outs in the 4th and couldn’t score and the umpiring was awful. Let me touch on that for a second. First off, I will be the first to admit when the Brewers get a call they don’t deserve. That said, last night I swear there were 2 different strike zones, one for Maholm and one for Yovani. The one for Maholm was much more “pitcher friendly”. The umpiring was just bad, awful. Back to the game; once the offense showed up they were great. Braun with the RBI double, Kendall and Councel with good at-bats for singles, Hart working a walk after not getting the bunt down, JJ with the sac-fly and then of course Weeks with the hammer. Watching it online I was subject to Pittsburgh broadcasting and it was just great to hear silence and astonishment after Weeks hit it out. Hoffman continued to be solid, closing the door in the 9th. Let’s just hope that Hall is not too badly injured and maybe Braun will be back from his injury issue. The Crew will go for the short 2 game sweep tonight. Here’s a preview:

Our $12.5 million dollar man is on the hill tonight. Soup has actually pitched ok his last three starts, which in the end the Brewers have won all 3. Pittsburgh is a pitcher’s park, so I’ll take all the help I can get when Soup is on the mound. Ian Snell pitches for the Bucs tonight. He pitched really well last week against the Crew, except for that one pitch to Yovani. Sweet! I gotta tell you though; I really hope the Brewers can find a way to just pound the crap out of this guy tonight after he felt the need to talk crap about Braun after the game last week. Snell is a freakin jerk who needs to get lambasted by the Brewers bats!! I’m really, really hoping for this. Go Brewers!


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