Brewers (15-12) v. Reds (14-12)

The Brewers continued their dominance of the Pirates last night in what was one of the more “messy” games so far this year.  I’m referring to the weather, as well as the pitching that took place on the field.  In total there were 17 walks handed out last night.  Thankfully 10 of these were issued by the Pirates pitching staff.  Because of the weather, I’ll cut Suppan some slack as his walking issues came back.  Overall Suppan pitched ok, in route to evening his record at 2-2.  The bullpen was again good, outside of Mitch Stetter’s hiccup in the 8th.  Thankfully the Crew generated enough offense last night, so we still had a 3 run cushion after this mishap.  Villanueva continued the one good outing, one bad outing trend in closing out the 9th 1-2-3.  JJ Hardy and Corey Hart did the bulk of the work last night.  The rest was done by the Pirates pitching staff giving us 10 free base runners.  Hardy had a perfect day at the plate (3-3) and reached base all 5 plate appearances.  He also had 4 RBI to go along with this.  Hopefully this helps JJ turn the corner offensively.  The Brewers move on to the 2nd stop in this short 4 game road trip.  Here is your game preview:

Bronson Arroyo will go in game 1 for the Reds.  He pretty much dominated the Crew in Milwaukee last month going 6 1/3 innings while allowing only 1 run.  Arroyo has pitched well in 3 of his 5 starts so far this year.  He is coming off a very well pitched 8 inning shutout performance against the Pirates.  Arroyo’s overall ERA is still 4.91, so he can definitely be had.  Manny Parra takes the hill for the Brewers.  Manny’s last two outings have been encouraging, but he is still struggling to get command of all his pitches.  Parra is still averaging 3+ walks a game and his pitch ratio of balls to strikes is not nearly where you would like it to be.  Let’s hope Manny can keep this winning streak going and really build off his last couple of starts.  There is no doubt that Parra is important in the Brewers being successful this year, so let’s turn it around!  Go Brewers!


One response to “Brewers (15-12) v. Reds (14-12)

  1. We got the brooms out last night. Now its time for Parra to do his part.

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