Playing catch-up on an off day with Brewers thoughts and stats

The Brewers wrapped up a stretch of 20 straight games yesterday with a record of 14-6 during that span.  As my good friend Justin said to me the other day “It’s hard to complain about anything right now.”  I agree.  I mean, even Jason Kendall is hitting! 

Ryan Braun is just a monster!  He continues to amaze on a daily basis.  I wouldn’t trade this guy for anything.  Say what you’d like, but I enjoy that he has a little “swag” in his game.  Outsiders may label this as cockiness, but I believe it is just because Ryan Braun is one of those players that you tend to hate if he is not on your team.  I think that Ryan Braun just plays the game with so much passion (which I wish every player did) and this is how he exerts it.  Come on, let’s put this in perspective.  Braun gets a head shot thrown at him by Ryan Dempster which was obviously blatant.  The next time up Braun crushes a homer off him and decides to stare him down while heading to 1st base.  Wouldn’t you?  On this note, I think that Cubs announcer Bob Brenly is one of the most classless individuals I have heard lately.  Hearing Brenly talk about Braun many times, it is obvious he does not care for him.  However, during the telecast yesterday Brenly crossed the line.  While Braun was batting Brenly suggested that maybe they should walk Braun, but “there is a way to put him on 1st base without throwing 4 balls, if you know what I mean.”  Absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for!  I really hope that this is reviewed by MLB and Brenly is reprimanded in some way.  Let the players handle the game.  It is not the announcer’s job to say a player deserves to get hit.  Call the game Brenley!  We all know you’re just pissed because the Brewers hired Macha over you!  Just for the record I sent an email to WGN, I encourage you to do the same.

In these 20 games, the Brewers were 7-3 at home and 7-3 on the road.  They seem to be playing good baseball no matter what city they are in.  During this stretch, each man in the rotation had 4 starts.  I think you might be surprised at how the team fared depending on who the starter was.  Below is the Brewers record during the 20 game run broken down by the starting pitcher:

  • Gallardo: 4-0
  • Suppan: 3-1
  • Parra: 1-3
  • Looper: 2-2
  • Bush: 4-0

I think what stands out most to me is that the Brewers are 4-0 in starts made by Dave Bush over this period.  Bushie has been throwing the ball really well and not getting enough credit for it in my opinion.  He is obviously being overshadowed by Yo, but also people continue to focus on Parra’s struggles and Suppan’s ups and downs.  Give the man credit.  Bush has really learned how to pitch over the last season and a half.  His horrible start to the ’08 year seems like years ago.  I think that most teams in major league baseball would take Dave Bush as the #5 starter in their rotation.  Lastly, outside of Julio the bullpen has been fantastic.  It is amazing how once Trevor came off the DL, everything just seemed to fall into place. This group, which outside of Milwaukee does not have many recognizable names, has done an outstanding job.

During this stretch the offense really has got it going as well. This has been especially evident over the last 7 games in which the Brewers have scored 52 runs.  For those non-math majors out there; that comes to 7.43 runs a game.  Yes, there are times when the Brewer bats still fall silent (like the final 7 innings yesterday), but this will happen throughout the marathon season.  It has been great to see them explode after the absolutely horrible start to the season. 

The one thing that has amazed me in regard to the offense in this early part of the season is that they can be doing pretty much nothing against the opposing starting pitcher, but then the bullpen comes in and the Crew just mashes them!  There have been several games in which I felt that the Crew had no business winning, but they just pound the opposing bullpen and come back to win.

 Sorry to my loyal readers for not getting posts up on Saturday and Sunday.  It gets busy and time runs short.  I’ll work to at least get a few sentences up from now on.  The Brewers continue their 6 game home stand tomorrow against the Marlins.  I’ll be back then with a game preview.  Go Crew!!


One response to “Playing catch-up on an off day with Brewers thoughts and stats

  1. Let the good times roll! Love the first paragraph of the Journal Sentinel this afternoon:

    “The stamp was emphatic and clear. And it read: This is certification that the Brewers, at completion of their latest home stand and 35 games total, are one of major-league baseball’s best teams. That was notarized by the way the Brewers put the lid on their six-game home stand in a victory over Florida.”

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