Brewers sign Catalanotto

For those who didn’t catch it, the Brewers signed Frank Catalanotto to a minor-league deal yesterday.  Catalanotto was cut by the Rangers at the end of training camp this year.  Catalanotto is heading to Arizona to work out and then will be sent to one of the Brewers minor-league affiliates to see if he can produce and work his way onto the big league club.

I would suggest that Brad Nelson get going and do something of note, or Catalanotto will be taking his place very soon.  Outside of Counsell, the Brewers have had very limited production from their bench and that is being kind.  Having said that, at .107 Duffy is hitting better than Nelson, but more importantly Duffy is much more of a defensive stud than Nelson.  Duffy has already made some great catches this year and he is Macha’s only option to spell Cameron when needed.  Casey McGehee has had the least amount of playing time, but is batting .200 in those limited number of appearances.  More importantly, like Duffy his value is defensively.  McGehee can spell anyone other than Hardy on the infield and is also the emergency catcher.  Also, don’t forget that McGehee is the only right handed bat on the bench, other than backup catcher Mike Rivera who will never enter a game unless replacing Kendall.

Like I said, you better get moving Brad.  Otherwise I see a fat DFA in your future.


One response to “Brewers sign Catalanotto

  1. I heard about the signing of Catalanotto on my way in to work this morning and thought that they said they signed Frank Caliendo to a minor league deal. I thought to myself “the Brewers just signed the guy that does those John Madden impersonations?” Oops. To my defense, it was pretty early in the morning.

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