Brewers call up top prospect Mat Gamel

Wow.  Welcome to the show Mat Gamel.  Let the Gamel era begin.  The fact that Gamel has been called up isn’t surprising since it has been speculated for a while that he would be called up for the upcoming interleague series to DH, it is the fact that he has been called up now.  The Brewers still have two more series before they head to Minnesota where Gamel can DH.  After that though, they have 19 more games before they head to Cleveland and Detroit, where Gamel could DH again.  Melvin said he wants Gamel to “get his feet wet” before interleague.  I can understand this, but you have to believe that Gamel’s at-bats may be few and far between outside of those series.  Melvin said that it is totally up to Macha and he does not have to play him just to play him.  Gamel has been raking in the minors forever now and nobody will debate that he is ready to go offensively.  The question has always been defense.  Let’s see what happens.  My prediction is that Gamel is on the roster until after interleague and then is sent back down to AAA and replaced with Catalanotto.  Unless Gamel rakes…………….

In order to make room for Gamel, Brad Nelson has been assigned to the minors.  Nelson can accept this assignment or become a free agent.  I guess Nelson’s leash was even shorter than I thought.  Let’s face it though, he had a great spring and that was about it.  He was 0-21 with 9 K’s.  You can’t do this and stay in the major leagues.


One response to “Brewers call up top prospect Mat Gamel

  1. The writing was on the wall for Nelson.
    Spring training and the BIG league are two different things. Couldn’t handle the pressure.
    Gamel first at bat was a “K”. Let’s hope that’s
    not a sign of things to come.

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