Brewers (23-14) v. Cardinals (21-16)

Manny Parra pitched maybe his best game to date yesterday.  Unfortunately, in the 6th inning he reverted back to his old routine of throwing to many balls and gave up 2 runs.  Still it was a good outing and the Brewers offense did more than enough to cover the two runs Manny gave up.  Prince Fielder was nice enough to extend the lead to 5 the top of the next inning, by sneaking out a 3-run home run just over the right field wall.  Besides this, the damage was done in the 1st when Cardinals pitcher Todd Wellemeyer couldn’t throw a ball into a lake if he tried and the Brewers took advantage by putting 4 runs on the board.  As a pitcher, you have to love when you have a plate appearance before you throw a pitch.  This well oiled machine keeps moving along and the Crew will go for a sweep of the Red Birds tonight.  Here is a game preview:

Yovani and Kyle Lohse were rained out on Friday after throwing the first two innings.  Lohse is coming back tonight, Yovani is not.  We shall see which manager made the better decision.  For a synopsis on Lohse, you can refer to the post a few days ago.  Braden Looper will go instead for the Brewers.  It would be really great to see Looper get back to the form he showed in April.  His last 3 starts have been, well, how should we say………bad.   In this amazing run the team has put together, Looper has been by far the least effective.  I have this feeling that he pitches well tonight; in an effort to show St. Louis that they should have resigned him.  Let’s keep this train moving.  Go Brewers!!


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