Weeks is done for the year; wrist surgery with 4-6 months of rehab

Rickie Weeks is out for the remainder of the season after suffering a torn tendon sheath in his left wrist against the Cardinals yesterday.  Weeks was removed from the game after his at-bat leading off the game.  He will have surgery later this week and needs 4-6 months of recovery time.  This is the same injury that Weeks had on his right wrist in 2006.  The doctor who performed that surgery, as well as the one later this week, said that he has never seen a case where this has occurred in both wrist on the same player.  Go figure.

While this is obviously a big blow to the Brewers, I personally feel absolutely horrible for Weeks.  This guy has been given a lot of crap from fans over the past several years.  Yet, he has never complained and always kept working hard, just trying to improve as a ball player.  Through the first 37 games this year it appeared that maybe Rickie truly had turned the corner and was coming into his own.  He was off to his best start ever, showing everyone the talent he possesses and the type of ball player he will be.  I am just crushed for him.  I hope he approaches this as he has everything else.  Keep your head up, keep working hard in rehab and come back next year with even more motivation.  We’ll miss ya, but we’ll be waiting for you in 2010.

Baseball is a game where injuries are bound to happen and play some role in how a team’s season unfolds because of how long and strenuous the season is.  Look at last year with Yovani at the beginning and Sheets at the end.  The Brewers will be ok.  Are they better with Rickie?  Sure, I know that just as well as you do.  The point I’m trying to make is that teams adjust to injuries and still succeed.  Teams plan for injuries because they are expected in the long season.  So keep your heads up Brewers fans!!  This is merely an unfortunate setback.  It is a season ending injury for Rickie, not for the Brewers.


One response to “Weeks is done for the year; wrist surgery with 4-6 months of rehab

  1. I agree with everything you said! He was having a hell of a year. A Mat Gamel 3 run home definately makes the sting go away a little.

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