Milwaukee (25-15) v. Astros (18-20)

Last night Yovani was off from the get go (even after getting a free out) and the Crew was mesmerized by Wandy Rodriguez.  The Brewers made a 9th inning run at the Astros, but it was too little too late when Bill Hall struck out for the 4th time in the game.  Hall struck out on 3 pitches and looked horrible.  Just like last year, the guy just can’t hit righties anymore.  Ken Macha is getting blasted all over for not bringing in Counsell, who has been red-hot, to hit for Hall.  Macha said that he promised Billy the opportunity to show he could hit righties…….are you serious?  Fine, give him the opportunity, but not when the game is on the line.  If it was still 6-1 with 2 outs in the 9th and the Brewers had not made a comeback, I am fine with letting Hall bat.  However, your job as manager is to put the team in the best possible position to win the game!  I don’t get it and think it is ridiculous.  Macha is still better than Yost, but this was boneheaded in my view.  Anyway, a nice positive from the game last night was Casey McGehee.  He managed to go 2-3 with a double off a pitcher that the rest of the team couldn’t figure out.  If McGehee is going to get as much playing time as is suggested with the Weeks injury, it is nice to see him swing the bat a little bit.  Also, Mat Gamel had a 2 RBI double in the 9th to make the rally interesting.  I hope he really shows he can rake (and play defense) and Bill Hall is platooned at 3rd base real soon.  Here is a preview for today’s game:

It would have been real nice to wrap up the series with a win yesterday, because the Brewers will face Roy Oswalt in the series finale.  While Oswalt may not be the “lights out” pitcher he once was, he can still be dominate and I don’t think there is a club out there that wouldn’t want him on their staff.  Oswalt’s ERA is higher than normal at 4.50 and he has been the king of no-decisions with 6 in his 9 starts.  The Brewers did not face him the first time they were in Houston this year.  The $12.5 million dollar man will wrap up the series for the Brewers.  Suppan is coming off his most impressive outing of the year, throwing 7 shutout innings against the Cardinals in a 1-0 win for the Crew.  Suppan’s outing earlier this year in Houston was not as good.  He gave up 4 runs in 6 innings.  Hopefully he pitches like he did in St. Louis.  Go Brewers!!


One response to “Milwaukee (25-15) v. Astros (18-20)

  1. Great game last night–way to hang in BREW CREW !! Suppan had his moments last night and
    the CREW had Oswalt on the ropes early but
    that double play ball took care of that!
    How about those TWINS—20 runs!!!
    Let’s hope they cool off for the weekend.

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