Playing catch-up…….

Sorry about the lack of posts over the holiday weekend.  A little beer pong, some sun at the beach, Jamba Juice, no time for posts.  Anyway, it was probably a good weekend to avoid after seeing the outcomes in Minneapolis.  For whatever reason, the Crew just never plays well in Minneapolis.  The series was pretty ugly and I think that is being polite.  The pitching was terrible and the offense was nonexistent.  Manny Parra and Braden Looper were horrible.  Dave Bush was solid, but his end line looked ugly because of the grand slam Mitch Stetter gave up.  Our pitching staff in general was unable to retire Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and Michael Cuddyer the entire series making them look like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio.  Over the weekend, our offense managed to make a pitcher making his MLB debut and a pitcher with a 6.98 ERA look like Bob Gibson and Cy Young.  Like I said, just not a good series.  Over the past 7 games, the offense in general has been sputtering.  We have scored a total of 21 runs, good for only 3 per game.  We should feel lucky that we are 3-4 in that stretch. 

The only bright spot as of late has been that Casey McGehee has shown that with consistent playing time, he is able to produce.  In the 6 six games he has started since the Weeks injury, McGehee is batting .333 with a .455 OBP.  Casey also has 3 RBI, has scored 4 runs and drawn 4 walks.  Macha has noted that he has definitely earned more playing time.  McGehee has also shown he can flash a little leather at 2B (watch him rob Yadier Molina yesterday). 

Yesterday was a fun game.  Two great pitches both at the top of their game, just putting down hitters one after another.  It was great to see Yovani bounce back from his rough start the last time out against the Astros.  He looked spectacular and provided me with one of the most exciting moments of the year.  I don’t care what anyone says, Albert Pujols is the best player in baseball.  Pujols is amazing.  Not only is it rare when he strikes out, but it is ever rarer when a pitcher can make him look bad while striking out.  In the 8th inning yesterday, Yovani made Pujols look bad.  For strike 3, Yo threw a breaking ball that didn’t reach the plate, was in the dirt and outside.  Pujols swung at it like he had no clue what was coming and was not even close.  Unfortunately the Brewers offense continued to struggle and was unable to even get a hit off Carpenter until the 6th.  Keeping up with their forte, the Crew got Carpenter out of the game and then got to the bullpen (with the help of an error) for the winning run.  It was a great win that was much needed after the horrible weekend in the Twin Cities.


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