Brewers (30-22) v. Marlins (25-28)

So far, the trip to South Florida has been ugly.  Both games have been ruined by an individual pitcher.  Monday was the bullpen, yesterday was the starter.  Manny Parra sucked yesterday.  He was flat out horrible.  It is now time to debate if Parra should remain in the rotation.  It is my personal opinion that Parra should be sent to Nashville to work things out and we should call Tim Dillard up to fill his spot in the rotation.  Parra is just killing the Crew.  The Brewers are 3-8 in starts by Parra and 27-14 in starts by the other 4 in the rotation.  Can you say “weak link”??  I still think Parra has great stuff, but he is just so inconsistent and has no control.  How the hell do you strike out the side in the 1st with absolutely nasty stuff and then go on to get shelled the next three innings and give up 11 runs??  I don’t have an answer.  Thank god for Mike Burns who was summoned from Nashville earlier in the day to take Julio’s spot.  Burns threw 4 shutout innings after Parra’s departure, but more importantly saved a overworked bullpen for a day.  Yes, the offense didn’t do anything, but Parra is a much bigger problem at this point.  We can still split the series with wins today and tomorrow, so lets hope for that.  Here is a preview of today’s game:

Braden Looper will try to get the Brewers out of this funk.  Looper pitched really well last time out, going 7 innings and only giving up 2 runs on 2 hits against the Reds to get the win.  Another quality outing like this would be greatly appreciated.  The Marlins will counter with lefty Sean West.  West is a rookie who made his major league debut about 2 weeks ago and will be making his 3rd career start tonight.  His first 2 starts have been pretty good.  West has thrown a total of 12 innings and allowed only 3 runs.  The Brewers normally struggle against pitchers they have never seen, but the normally hit lefties well.  Something has to give.  Go Brewers!!


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