Catching up on Roster changes……

A lot has gone on this week with roster changes and I apologize for not updating well enough, so here is a synopsis:

–          After the outing that we would all love to forget Monday, Jorge Julio was sent packing.  It was only a matter of time in my opinion.  Julio was only on the opening day roster because Hoffman was on the DL.  When Hoffman came back he only remained on the roster because Riske was on the DL.  As I said before he was the only weak link in the current bullpen.  This is definitely addition by subtraction.

–          Mike Burns came up from Nashville to take Julio’s roster spot.  Burns had been starting at Nashville, so he was stretched out for long relief.  Burns pitched well on Tuesday in relief on Manny Parra.  He threw 4 scoreless innings in that outing.  More importantly, he saved a very overworked bullpen that night.  As long as he is effective, Burns may be up here for a while.  At least until the club decides what to do with Parra.

–          Mike DiFelice has been put on the bereavement list.  His grandmother past away and the funeral is this weekend.  Coincidentally, DiFelice has been nursing a sore elbow.  The Brewers have been trying to avoid putting him on the DL, because they don’t think he needs to miss 15 games and DiFelice has been close to the best pitcher out of the bullpen.  By putting him on the bereavement list, the Brewers get to call up a pitcher instead of being a man down. DiFelice will return after the funeral.

–          To take DiFelice’s spot, the brewers called up Chris Smith from Nashville.  Smith has been the closer on the Nashville team and has pitched really well.  Unfortunately for Smith, this will be a very short stay, so if he does get game action hopefully takes advantage of it and pitches well.  As mentioned above, DiFelice will be back after his grandmother’s funeral and Smith will then return to Nashville.

–          David Riske is done for the year and probably done as a Brewer after having Tommy John surgery earlier this week.  Tommy John is at a yearlong rehab process before one can even begin throwing again.  It looks like we got half a season out of the 3 year, $13 million dollar contract that Riske signed.  Riske wasn’t even very good that half a season.  Go ahead and begin the debate as to whether this is the worst signing in the Doug Melvin era, or even the entire Brewers era.  The 3 that come to mind are Riske, Suppan and Jeffrey Hammonds.  My vote (for now) goes for Riske.  Let me know what you think.


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