Recapping an ugly Colorado series…..

We knew coming into the series that the Rockies were red hot…….unfortunately 3 days later, this statement remains true.  Obviously what was most alarming about how the series played out was that the Brewers were unable to do anything offensively for the entire series and the bullpen has now performed poorly in 4 straight games.

Look, the bullpen has been marvelous up to this point and they are bound to have more down times throughout the long year, but it would have been nice if they were only bad in 3 of the 4.  This way we at least win 1 and aren’t stuck in a 4 game losing streak.   Long losing streaks are what you have to avoid in the season.  A 2 or 3 game skip won’t kill ya, but anything longer than that and it gets to be a slippery slope.

The offensive is again going through one of those pitiful stretches.  Like the bullpen it is bound to happen throughout the season, but man is it painful to watch.  What makes it more painful is that this is coming against pitchers that the Brewers should hit and hit hard.  The first two games the Rockies threw out weak starting pitchers who frankly probably shouldn’t be in a MLB rotation.  Aaron Cook went yesterday and he is the Rockies best pitcher, but still he had a 4.50 ERA so far this year.  This shows that he hasn’t been great.  I guess what I’m getting at is that I would much rather see the Brewers offense go through a drought when they face quality pitching.  At least this is acceptable.   Say a 3 game stretch like the opening series this year against Lincecum, Johnson and Cain.  I could accept the Brewer bats struggling a little.  Not against Hammel, De La Rosa and Cook.  Unacceptable.

So now we head into an interleague series against the White Sox with Suppan, Looper and Parra going.  Not what I would prefer, but hopefully we can stop the bleeding.  After all…..we are still in FIRST PLACE.  Let’s not forget this.


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