Brewers (31-23) v. Braves (26-26)

It is really hard for me to be disappointed in Dave Bush right now.  After getting the first 2 batters out, Bush took a hard line drive directly off his pitching elbow.  If he was not able to continue, obviously this would have been really bad overall, but it would have been horrible last night for the bullpen that is extremely overworked to all of a sudden have to have had to throw 8 more innings.  So Bush continued and got through 6 innings really well.  The problem is, the only mistake he made was to the opposing pitcher.  Bush served up a 2 out, 3-run homer that ended up being the difference in the game to Marlin pitcher Josh Johnson.  That should never happen and sucks.  But like I said, it’s hard to be mad at Bush, because it is amazing he continued.  I just hope he is able to make his next start.  So, my anger is going directly at the offense.  Mike Cameron was awful, going 0-4 with 4 strikeouts.  Frankly, everyone except Hardy, Braun and Fielder sucked.  These 3 were 6-12 with all 3 runs and  all 3 RBI.  The rest of the team went 1-20.  That says it all.  The Crew now moves on to Atlanta for 3.   Here is a preview:

Tonight sets up as a great pitching matchup. Yovani goes for the Crew and we all know what he’s about.  Atlanta will counter with their best pitcher (and a personal favorite of mine), Jair Jurrjens.  Jurrjens numbers are very comparable to Yo’s and actually better in several categories.  I’m really looking forward to this matchup.  The Brewers need to turn this around.  If they can just win this series, a road trip of 3-4 is acceptable.  Go Brewers!!


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